Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Laptop Was Stolen

First of all, Thank GOD the incident was not happened at me.

My colleague's laptop (company's) was stolen from Mazda. The car was parked at Machap as two of my colleagues were having their Brunch (late until 11am makan lagi, very eng hor) and rest on their way to KL. The thief has broken the boot lock and stolen all of the valuable things at behind e.g.: the passport, bags and the Compaq laptop (I think the thief just in rush, snap everything inside the bag and run away)

After the incident:

Of course, office aunties and uncles would like to give comments:

Colleague A: who asked him to wear "cho cho" necklace or big big ring, people will "mook" u.

Colleague B: that is y i said we encouraged people wear his slippers, low profile, never show off. yr money is hidden under e pocket, who can peek how much u carry.

Again, thank GOD although the incident is happened at my car, luckily we didn't lose anything. But it has arisen our awareness level.

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