Friday, June 30, 2006

Mc Dull

look at the pig nor the girls

practise your cantonese, turn on the speaker

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Makan Ular - Friday Diary

It is a Malay phrase, meaning that loaf on the job.

How I practise? It could be a longer meal break, strolling, day dream when queing....

Friday is a wonderful day.

Look at my schedule:

8.30am - Arrive office

8.35am - Morning briefing (Normally Friday kena gotong-royong, longer assemble)

9.00am - Start moving all of the barang-barang fr drawer to table, planning, drafting, browse website, reply emails, listen aunties' conversation about pasar malam last night, and chatting.... (Not yet start work)

10.00am - Tea break. In fact it is my breakfast time, nasi lemak + ayam merah. Sedappppp. Only available in Malaysia - in year 2000, cost of packet nasi lemak is RM0.80 + chicken RM1.20. So total RM2.00. From mid to end of the month, I buy packet rice only. After 26th, can karliu

10.15am - After tea break

10.20am - Meet colleagues at the toilet. Another chat conversation again

10.30am - Back to my work station. I wish to start job, but normally they have monthly review meeting at every first Friday / ISO quality meeting / Group project work meeting - nonsense like how to improve personal performance, 5S, / Annual programs and activities.... (Not yet start work)

11.45am - I told myself, this time must start work. And normally on my table will be accrued shipping documents for verification, pending sales order, post-it of memo.....I sign, I make phone call, I reply mail..... Can I say I start my work liao? However....

12.15noon - Makan and remember hor, today is Friday.... so I got my rest until 2.15pm.

12.20 - 2.10pm - I knew the kopitiam boss doesn't like us. b'cos a gang of us normally have our lunch for such long. No other place to go in this area, so just can blow trumpet, blasting....

2.15pm - Finally back to seat. I do my web browsing, email checking.

3.00pm - Tea break (so u know why kerja kilang easy gain weight)

3.15pm - Meeting colleagues at the ladies.

3.30pm - Got to work liao otherwise can't finish work.

5.30pm - Alarm.... knock off liao. So which mean that the whole day, I only work fr 3.30pm - 5.30pm. Should we have puasa, then can go back at 5.00pm.

How wonderful is a Friday!

松开的缠脚布- 印尼

这里没有嚷闹的人群. 时间过得很慢, 天空很蓝, 人懒懒的, 躺在摇椅上, 时间晃呀晃地, 就过了一个下午.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Acacia Restaurant in the Park

This afternoon, I went out v my ular buddy and dine in Acacia, Bishan Park.

Suprising us thought that must be 4stars dine in, but in fact it costs us only S$14.00 per set lunch. I believe set lunch is only valid during weekday. There were only 4 tables occupied in this afternoon. It was very quiet and ambient. Nice food plus good chit chat time with friend.

I don't eat pork

On last Sunday we went to 2 uncles' house. First to visit 3rd uncle to enjoy our favourite "mee hoon kueh". My 3rd auntie's mhk is really superb, Top in Singapore. Then we went to 6th uncle's house as he will depart to USA on Monday. We enjoyed fried shrimp cake, and also barley juice.

When came back home at night, xiaobao started not feeling well. She vomited twice at around 4am - 6am.... and also diarrhoea.... We brought her to see doctor. All of us OK except she was really weak and tired.

Then I bought packet food to all of us....

On Tuesday, xiaobao looked better and start eating biscuits. However, start from 5pm, the same things happened to all of us, dabao, mother, wee and I..... all of us throw out and vomit. We brought dabao to see doctor, doctor told us xiaobao may infect us. But we all come serious then her.

I ask the only survivor - Siti, how come u tak kena?

What she told me is, "because I don't eat pork..." think - trace - detect.... i think it should be the pork chop I packed on Monday.

Luckily we all recovered.

Day after food poisoning~~~~~~~

I lost 2-3kgs after the illness. 2 days can lost such much, it should be a record too. This morning I took out my favourite office wear and it is fit!!! I had been more than 6 months could not fit it up as the waist top up liao! How wonderful is today. I have been praised by my colleagues and my ular buddy that today I look so great.... So song man!!!

In return, can u imagine how awful I had been in past few months. Don't know how long can i maintain it....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Aunty pohpoh has gone in peace

Our neighbour poh poh has gone in peace on 12 June 2006 at 1am.

On last Thursday, I received call from neighbour saying that his mum might be injured, and he called ambulance. He asked see whether can Mama at home to take a look what had happended in his house.

I called back home several times, unfortunately there was nobody answered. Few minutes later, I think I better rush back home to help this neighbour. It is just about 10minutes between home to office.

As I reached neighbour's house, due to vain injury, she lost a lot blood. From toilet, room to living area, I saw blood every where. She was still conscious and wanted me to help to get the cloths, bags, IC and etc. When seeing her off to ambulance, I thought I would see her back to home again.

Life is fragile....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

松开的缠脚布 - 印尼

如果你有机会来到Lombok, 请你就晒一晒太阳就好, 反正鬼妹也挺多, 养养眼睛也不错. 只要不要给你老的看得出来, 就好!
(不用问Mr. Ong, 他的功夫还不到家.)

我个人对这栋印度庙没什么推荐, 只是让你扶助当地的旅游业.

要收入门票, 再加上捐献, 也只是三座这样的塔. 要说历史, 还很新.

Lombok 南部也叫Kuta. 和Bali的Kuta 差别很大.
这里方圆几里, 就只有几家酒店, 如果可以, 就选择Novotel, 小茅屋, 私人泳池, 宁静的沙滩, 很少旅客. 价格也远低过名牌五星酒店. 值得.