Saturday, July 29, 2006



今年运气真好, 获得两张国庆日预演的入场券, 高高兴兴地和肥爸爸在临去香港前观赏了这场演出.


烟花很美. 演出則是还好. 对于许多外国人来说晚上的华丽表演, 的确是少见而精彩.

小小的插曲, 和你分享:

生活背景的不同, 对待事物的看法也有差异. 好像在国庆日时, 主办单位会在后排观众席(大约10排约几千人)分发雨伞.

Aunty会问: Free 的??为什么我没有???

新加坡年轻人会说: E.....这么老土, 很难看Lei!

后来烟花一燃放, 大家才恍然明白这是遮烟火燃灰用的.


可是当我以为这是可以写信去表扬善意的时候. 很多狠多的新加坡人会没好气地告诉你:这是一定要的, abuthen烧到人或衣服哪里complaint/claim???

我才发现这样的文化背景的差异可真大. 往往遇到问题时,我的想法是我该如何解决. 新加坡人的想法是政府会如何帮我解决.理直气壮,理所当然而且还少了点惜福的语气. 


Sunday, July 09, 2006


We have been waiting over 3 years and finally we got our trip "stamped, endorsed, approved" to Batam for 2Days 1Night at Batam KTM Resort.

Batam = Mistress Island, some said xx what best in Singapore, JB and even Batam. But so far, it is ideal for a short week end break. For expenses, see the list at below:

1) Seafood Meal - Rp70,000 S$12.50 (inc. prawn, fish e.g.: white prompet or seabass, local crab: of course not as big as Sri Lanka meat crab)
2) Massage - Rp75000 S$13.40 1 1/2 hour Traditional Massage. Can chose private room or couple. SPA Rp80000 with additional 30minutes Milk Bath, steam, and aroma therapy treatment
3) T-Shirt Indonesian Polo I don't fancy, but can buy cheap T-shirt with Snoopy and friends with just S$6
4) Kueh: Kuci, Talam Ubi, Coconut Roll... S$0.25 per piece and size bigger than BS
5) If just want to shopping, once exit Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, cross the pedestrian bridge then you can reach the shopping centre with famous brand, supermarket and Matahari (like OG, Jaya Jusco)
6) If next time want to stay in the same resort a) F&E: Ferry, Accommodation, transfer and breakfast = S$60/pax, b) Room charge: S$100 for a family villa for 6 persons inc. private transfer and breakfast

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Laptop Was Stolen

First of all, Thank GOD the incident was not happened at me.

My colleague's laptop (company's) was stolen from Mazda. The car was parked at Machap as two of my colleagues were having their Brunch (late until 11am makan lagi, very eng hor) and rest on their way to KL. The thief has broken the boot lock and stolen all of the valuable things at behind e.g.: the passport, bags and the Compaq laptop (I think the thief just in rush, snap everything inside the bag and run away)

After the incident:

Of course, office aunties and uncles would like to give comments:

Colleague A: who asked him to wear "cho cho" necklace or big big ring, people will "mook" u.

Colleague B: that is y i said we encouraged people wear his slippers, low profile, never show off. yr money is hidden under e pocket, who can peek how much u carry.

Again, thank GOD although the incident is happened at my car, luckily we didn't lose anything. But it has arisen our awareness level.

Monday, July 03, 2006


有一个工人在我挽留下, 还是义无反顾的离开公司。

两个星期后, 他要求回来, 因为新公司不好。





“我只离开两个星期, 可以算我是正式员工吗?”


结果, 最近的旅行和年中花红都得放弃。。。

要辞职也得看天气, 三思斟酌才行。