Sunday, July 09, 2006


We have been waiting over 3 years and finally we got our trip "stamped, endorsed, approved" to Batam for 2Days 1Night at Batam KTM Resort.

Batam = Mistress Island, some said xx what best in Singapore, JB and even Batam. But so far, it is ideal for a short week end break. For expenses, see the list at below:

1) Seafood Meal - Rp70,000 S$12.50 (inc. prawn, fish e.g.: white prompet or seabass, local crab: of course not as big as Sri Lanka meat crab)
2) Massage - Rp75000 S$13.40 1 1/2 hour Traditional Massage. Can chose private room or couple. SPA Rp80000 with additional 30minutes Milk Bath, steam, and aroma therapy treatment
3) T-Shirt Indonesian Polo I don't fancy, but can buy cheap T-shirt with Snoopy and friends with just S$6
4) Kueh: Kuci, Talam Ubi, Coconut Roll... S$0.25 per piece and size bigger than BS
5) If just want to shopping, once exit Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, cross the pedestrian bridge then you can reach the shopping centre with famous brand, supermarket and Matahari (like OG, Jaya Jusco)
6) If next time want to stay in the same resort a) F&E: Ferry, Accommodation, transfer and breakfast = S$60/pax, b) Room charge: S$100 for a family villa for 6 persons inc. private transfer and breakfast

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