Thursday, June 29, 2006

Makan Ular - Friday Diary

It is a Malay phrase, meaning that loaf on the job.

How I practise? It could be a longer meal break, strolling, day dream when queing....

Friday is a wonderful day.

Look at my schedule:

8.30am - Arrive office

8.35am - Morning briefing (Normally Friday kena gotong-royong, longer assemble)

9.00am - Start moving all of the barang-barang fr drawer to table, planning, drafting, browse website, reply emails, listen aunties' conversation about pasar malam last night, and chatting.... (Not yet start work)

10.00am - Tea break. In fact it is my breakfast time, nasi lemak + ayam merah. Sedappppp. Only available in Malaysia - in year 2000, cost of packet nasi lemak is RM0.80 + chicken RM1.20. So total RM2.00. From mid to end of the month, I buy packet rice only. After 26th, can karliu

10.15am - After tea break

10.20am - Meet colleagues at the toilet. Another chat conversation again

10.30am - Back to my work station. I wish to start job, but normally they have monthly review meeting at every first Friday / ISO quality meeting / Group project work meeting - nonsense like how to improve personal performance, 5S, / Annual programs and activities.... (Not yet start work)

11.45am - I told myself, this time must start work. And normally on my table will be accrued shipping documents for verification, pending sales order, post-it of memo.....I sign, I make phone call, I reply mail..... Can I say I start my work liao? However....

12.15noon - Makan and remember hor, today is Friday.... so I got my rest until 2.15pm.

12.20 - 2.10pm - I knew the kopitiam boss doesn't like us. b'cos a gang of us normally have our lunch for such long. No other place to go in this area, so just can blow trumpet, blasting....

2.15pm - Finally back to seat. I do my web browsing, email checking.

3.00pm - Tea break (so u know why kerja kilang easy gain weight)

3.15pm - Meeting colleagues at the ladies.

3.30pm - Got to work liao otherwise can't finish work.

5.30pm - Alarm.... knock off liao. So which mean that the whole day, I only work fr 3.30pm - 5.30pm. Should we have puasa, then can go back at 5.00pm.

How wonderful is a Friday!

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