Thursday, June 22, 2006

I don't eat pork

On last Sunday we went to 2 uncles' house. First to visit 3rd uncle to enjoy our favourite "mee hoon kueh". My 3rd auntie's mhk is really superb, Top in Singapore. Then we went to 6th uncle's house as he will depart to USA on Monday. We enjoyed fried shrimp cake, and also barley juice.

When came back home at night, xiaobao started not feeling well. She vomited twice at around 4am - 6am.... and also diarrhoea.... We brought her to see doctor. All of us OK except she was really weak and tired.

Then I bought packet food to all of us....

On Tuesday, xiaobao looked better and start eating biscuits. However, start from 5pm, the same things happened to all of us, dabao, mother, wee and I..... all of us throw out and vomit. We brought dabao to see doctor, doctor told us xiaobao may infect us. But we all come serious then her.

I ask the only survivor - Siti, how come u tak kena?

What she told me is, "because I don't eat pork..." think - trace - detect.... i think it should be the pork chop I packed on Monday.

Luckily we all recovered.

Day after food poisoning~~~~~~~

I lost 2-3kgs after the illness. 2 days can lost such much, it should be a record too. This morning I took out my favourite office wear and it is fit!!! I had been more than 6 months could not fit it up as the waist top up liao! How wonderful is today. I have been praised by my colleagues and my ular buddy that today I look so great.... So song man!!!

In return, can u imagine how awful I had been in past few months. Don't know how long can i maintain it....

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